Oily Skin

May 15, 2017
Anti-aging skin care for this skin type must accommodate your special oil management needs as well as minimize the potential frustrations of wearng make-up. Here’s the situation. The oil that is responsible for your oily skin is known as sebum and is produced by your sebaceous glands. These glands are located in the middle level of your skin ~ the dermis.

They fill nearby follicular pores with sebum and the oil then works its way to the skins surface. On your skins surface, the oil seals in moisture and keeps your skin hydrated. This is the main reason that people with oily skin tend to not develop old-looking skin as quickly as other skin types.

When too much oil is produced it can cause the skin to look greasy, slick or dirty. Too much oil doesn’t work well with make up. On top of all that…Oily complexions are often susceptible to clogged pores, blackheads and a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

The Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen for Oily Skin

  • Proper Cleansing
  • Moisturization
  • Sun Protection
  • Anti-Aging Conditioning

Proper Cleansing

The first task of caring for oily skin is proper cleansing which means removing the excess oil while allowing the moisture barrier to remain. Many of the correct ways for caring for this skin type are the exact opposite of the approach we take when dealing with cleaning greasy oily situations.

  • No soaps.

Soaps will strip away all the natural oils from the skin.

  • No aggressive scrubbing.

Any skin irritation can lead to greater oil production.

  • No over washing.

Dermatologists agree that twice a day cleansing is plenty.

  • Use a gentle cleanser only.

The idea is to use the gentlest cleanser possible that will remove excess oil and leave an intact barrier of fatty acids to protect the skin.

Cleanse by first splashing your face with warm water, then applying the cleanser in circular motions all around your face for about 1 minute. This way you allow the cleanser to work into your pores and dissolve oil. When cleansing, massage your face well with your fingertips, using an upward and outward motion. Rinse with very warm water and then dry with your favorite fluffy towel.

Anti-Aging skin care for oily skin also calls for regular exfoliation of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells help clog pores and harbor bacteria that cause inflammation.. Using a gentle exfoliating cleanser at least twice a week will reduce the likelihood of blemishes

Moisturize Oily Skin?

Yes! Because an oily complexion often feels moist to the touch, many people avoid using moisturizers, because they think they will only make matters worse.

Oil and moisture are not the same things, and the older you are, the more you need to use a moisturizer even if your skin is oily.The oiliness of your skin will seal in the moisture you have – but won’t replace the moisture that you lose, particularly as you age. Your skin needs moisture to balance itself and slow oil production.

Moisture is the secret to delaying the appearance of old looking skin for as long as possible.

For your anti-aging skin care regimen, the kind of oil-based moisturizer that seals moisture in the skin would be counter-productive. The natural oils of your skin already do that. You will especially want to avoid the oil-based thick creamy moisturizers that could clog your pores.

The right kind of moisturizer for you will say things like “for oily skin”, “light”, “water-based” or “oil-free”. Your kind of moisturizer is the type that attracts moisture to the skin rather than sealing moisture in.

You may also see the term “noncomedogenic” which means it won’t clog your pores or cause acne. You will want to see ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin or lactic acid. Moisturizers with these ingredients should work well for keeping your skin’s youthful appearance.

Should you need stronger anti-aging properties to repair wrinkles or add collagen there are several Anti-Aging Serums that add moisture as well as provide anti-aging benefits. Serums are usually thinner and are absorbed into the skin very quickly. The active ingredients are more concentrated so they are very effective with consistent use and usually they are somewhat more expensive.


Sun Protection

  • (SPF) 30 – Minimum Sun Protection Factor
  • Moisturizing
  • For Oily Skin
  • (Anti-Aging a Plus)

For oily skin you need to make sure that your regimen of Anti-Aging Skin Care includes Sun Protection.

I read an article in a Harvard Medical Report that stated directly that “it isn’t advancing age that causes old skin – it’s the damaging effects of the Sun.

For oily skin, Xtend-Life’s anti-aging skincare line is better than most. The products were designed to provide optimum skin rejuvenation regardless of skin type. The components of their products are natural and have been clinically tested. They are safe and effective. There is nothing that will clog your pores or create a greasy look. Your anti-aging regimen is straightforward:

Cleanse your skin in the morning and before you go to bed.

Moisturize the skin on your face and your body during the day and at night.

Once a week enhance your skin care by alternating between the Deep Active Cleansing mask one week and the Deep Active Hydrating mask the next

Maintaining this daily routine and alternating between a weekly deep cleansing and deep moisturization of your facial skin is the key to preserving the healthy , youthful look your skin. You will avoid the complications of clogged pores and excess oil as the anti-aging components of your regimen stimulate the growth of your skin cells and collagen and pro

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